Street Vet: California Veterinary Doctor Gives care to Homeless Pets in Need

This veterinary doctor with a heart of gold is doing what he can to help homeless pets living on the streets of California.  For Dr. Kwane Stewart it all started during the recession of 2007 when he, working to show his son the power of giving, offered to help needy pets of the homeless while serving in a soup kitchen. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dr. Stewart’s own life could have gone the way of the homeless, he shares; however, due to the help of his family and friends he was able to stay off the streets.

Even though he is still working to pay off his student loans, he spends time helping those in need. Stewart states,  many homeless have shared stories of horrors and their private shame as he works on their beloved pets. Many, however, are still hesitant to let him help, because of their bad experiences.

“Stewart became choked up while recalling an experience with a 50-something man named Mike with a colostomy bag and a beloved dachshund who was going blind. Mike had colon cancer but said to Stewart, ‘I would much sooner have you restore her vision if you could — because she means that much to me — than be cured of my cancer.’

“And he meant it,” Stewart continues, “he is sincere. He loved that dog. The dog saved his life, mainly his sanity, and gives him hope every morning. I’ve seen homeless people feed their pet before they feed themselves. I’ve seen them give their last dollar to care for their pet.”

Dr. Stewart keeps a medical pack in his car so that he can help on a dime.

Why Homeless?

While many believe that the homeless population have no right to own a pet, Stewart disagrees.  He believes that owning a pet gives someone who is struggling a sense of purpose, a sense of feeling needed and allows them hope in what seems a hopeless situation for many.  He also points to the fact, that while many working people have pets, they leave them home alone for 8-10 hours a day and these pets are the truly neglected, left to wonder when their owners will return and shower them with the love and affection they crave.

Additionally, pets provide the homeless with a sense of security and comfort. They take care of each other.  Stewart says he plans to do it until he is old and as long as his body will allow him to.

Read the entire heartwarming story here.

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