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4 Ways to Become a Better Person in the New Year

Become a Better Person in the New Year
Become a Better Person in the New Year

4 Ways to Become a Better Person in the New Year

When you think about setting a New Year’s resolution, you think about losing weight or volunteering more. You should also practice compassion, perseverance, and self-control in the New Year. As part of your New Year’s resolution, make a commitment to improving yourself. That doesn’t mean achieving a particular lifestyle and being a better person doesn’t go hand in hand. Here are some steps you can make to become a better person in the New Year.

Create Small Goals

Don’t try to create a big 2019 New Year’s resolution that’s impossible to achieve. Start small with short-term 2019 New Year’s resolution ideas that you can achieve in a matter of weeks or months. Pick one to start and focus on it. You can expand on that goal by creating a bunch of small goals.

For example, your goal might be to lose weight in the New Year. One smart goal you can create from that is to take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Another small goal you can set is to walk 30 minutes each morning. It could be a goal that’s a struggle for you.

Find Some Role Models

Look to your inner network to find some role models. Maybe it’s role models from history. Or, it could be someone in Hollywood that has made a positive impact on you.

Do your research and learn more about this public figure. Find out what makes them so inspiring. A parent, teacher, mentor, friend, neighbor, political figure, religious leader, or community leader can also make great role models.

Set Moral Reminders

It’s easy not to pay attention to the present moment. A Post-It note on your bathroom mirror or a reminder on your smartphone can help you stay on track of your 2019 New Year’s Resolution. You can even send an automatic text message to remind yourself of what others are going through.

Think of the things in your life can help you become a better person. Is it reading personal growth, self-improvement, or spiritual books? Is it writing in a personal planner or journal?

Practice on Your Goals

Your New Year Resolution isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s something that takes a lot of time and work. It may even take the entire year to master. Not everyone can become a better person in 24 hours. You’re a human being after all. Just do one thing per day, even if it’s small. That’s how you create a habit.

Of course, this list of 2019 New Year’s Resolution ideas is just as easy to break just as it’s easy to make. It’s about sticking to that goal. Whether you plan to keep it or not has a lot to do with your character.

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