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Hero Dog With Missing Snout Beats Cancer

Hero Dog  With Missing Snout Beats CancerThere’s almost nothing better than a hero story, and today we bring you the best kind, a hero pet! Our two fold story is happy and sad at the same time. There was a dog in the Philippines that saved two young girls recently and soon became a hero around the Globe. While saving the two girls the dog unfortunately lost her snout but still survived. Even after all of this the hero dog, Kabang who is a female mongrel, has also beaten cancer. It is really sad to see such an awesome and caring dog have to not only lose her snout but go through cancer but it seems as if she is happy and still alive and kicking.
Kabang, is still getting treatment for the heartworms that are in her arteries which has to be complete before she can have the huge wound of missing her snout worked on and officially closed up. The vets out in the Philippines were unable to treat her so she had to be brought to the U.S. where a fundraising campaign happened in New York. Fortunately she was able to be sent to Davis, Ca where the Doctors have been able to work on her and make a difference.
Doctors have mentioned that “Her appetite is still good. She’s still bright and happy.” This is great news to hear and they think they will be able to give her the original nasal functions she was born with so that the snout problem doesn’t change her life too horribly.

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