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6 Tips for Improving Your Quality of Sleep

Quality of Sleep

Are you having trouble falling and staying asleep at night? Explore these six tips for improving your quality of sleep for some advice on enhancing your nighttime habits.

Increase Daytime Sun Exposure

To improve your circadian rhythm, you must have exposure to sunlight during your day. Not only will this improve your energy during the day, but it will make your body more tired at night, making it easier to fall asleep. In fact, a study showed that sleep efficiency improved by 77.5 to 90 percent for those exposed to sunlight during the day.

Decrease Nighttime Blue Light Use

On the flip side, exposure to blue light at night can trick your body into thinking it’s day, so your body will produce less melatonin, a hormone essential in helping you fall asleep. Blue light comes from the screens in our houses, such as phones, laptops, and television. To help with sleep quality, you shouldn’t use any devices two hours before going to bed. Also, it can be helpful to install apps onto your devices that block blue lights.

Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the Day

Many people don’t realize it, but caffeine can stay in your system for six to eight hours. So it would help if you didn’t have any caffeinated drinks late in the day, like coffee or soda. Otherwise, you could be up all night. Instead, opt for decaffeinated options, like sprite or decaf coffee.

Avoid Long Naps

A nap of 30 minutes or less during the day can be a great way to recharge; however, they interrupt your sleep cycle if they go too long. Not only will extended naps make you more tired during the day, but they will mess up your circadian rhythm, making it challenging to fall asleep at night.

Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Just like muscle memory, a healthy body likes to build habits. Your body will fall asleep at night easier if you go to bed and wake up on a consistent schedule. A sleep schedule will help your body know to administer melatonin, and you could even throw your alarm away as your body adjusts to the rhythm.

Find a Comfy Mattress and Pillows

Different types of mattresses can affect your sleeping habits dramatically, depending on how comfortable you are. If your mattress or pillows cause back or neck sourness or discomfort, it can be impossible to fall asleep. Investing in your comfort is vital in ensuring a relaxing night’s rest.

By implementing these six tips for improving your quality of sleep, hopefully, you won’t have any problems getting a nice long night of slumber.


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