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Trent Bauer Goes From Team Mascot To Star Quarterback (VIDEO)

abc_gma_mascot5_0820_trent_bauer_jt_121020_wmainIf you have dreams, do not give up. There are some great stories out there and Trent Bauer from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School is one of them. He started off as a school mascot that would make people laugh and he was clumsy all over the place. After sometime watching his friends and other school mates on the field made him jealous that he could not play and he asked the coach if he could play. The coach did not even realize he was the mascot but gave him a chance and saw potential in him. Despite the fact that he was a little short he soon became an amazing football player soon rising to the spot of the star quarterback. We hope that this gives some hope to people out there that want to rise to something great and see themselves on the floor level, keep working on it. Visualize what you want and go after it, make sure to take action about it. Wishful thinking is one thing but actually putting in hard work to reach your goals, that is the truest way to reach your goals.

WATCH: Check out some highlights below

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The story itself sounds like a Disney movie and Trent mentioned that if they turn his story into a movie he would want it to be played by Will Ferrell.
Let us know your thoughts about this story and any great moments in your life where you may have risen up to your dreams or somebody else you know has.

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