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Nicki Minaj’s New “Natural” Look

As we all know, Nicki Minaj’s style can be sexy, mysterious, funky, weird, and bold. Nicki hits us with this beautiful, flawless, natural look out of nowhere. They say the reason for this change deals with her recent collection collab with Kmart. Nicki’s new toned down look will be reflected in the Nicki Minaj collection which will hit certain Kmart stores and online this holiday season.

The Sun reports that, Ms. Minaj fired her whole glam squad last week.

“Nicki is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist,” said a source to The Sun. “Nicki feels that now she’s done with American Idol she can finally be taken seriously and release proper hip-hop.

It has not been confirmed that these rumors are true but I will say, Nicki definitely looks more classy and a lady. I love the crazy looks Nicki hits us with but this one just has me drooling. What do you think?


Lets take a look at Nicki’s previous looks throughout the years:

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