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Obama Administration Seeks to Change International Food Aid

bbThe Obama administration plan to change the way the United States distributes its international food aid. There is an angry coalition of shipping companies, agribusiness and charitable groups who say the change will harm the nation’s economy and harden efforts already made to fight global hunger.

According to the breifing of the new 2014 budget, the administration is expected to propose the ending of the over 50 years of buying food from American farmers and then shipping it overseas. The administration is proposing that the government buy food in developing countries instead of shipping from American farmers overseas.

“We are talking about hundreds of jobs lost,” Mr. Caponiti said. “This is a very, very bad idea.” James Caponiti is the executive director of the American Maritime Congress. Charities like Oxfam and CARE support the Obama administration change,but agree reform is needed.

The groups say that a grand amout of food aid is spent on shipping costs, and as the costs have risen the amount of food the United States has shipped to countries that need it has fallen. “The current food aid program is not mission driven or about poor people,” said Gawain Kripke, director of policy and research for Oxfam. “It’s about moving product.”

I guess we will wait and see what happens.

-Amber O.

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