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Jan Hungerford Reunited With Newborn She Rescued 62 Years Ago

Jan Hungerford

A woman in California has been reunited with the newborn baby she rescued 62 years ago in the Nothern California city of Concord.

Jan Hungerford discovered a day old baby on April of 1951, left inside the passenger seat of a parked car, wrapped in a blanket with her umbilical cord still attached to her. “There was a little blue bundle on the passenger side front seat of the car, powder blue blanket, wrapped papoose style,” she told the news source. 60 years later, Kira Derhgawen has come back to reunite with Hungerford, who saved her, and try to search for her biological family.

“It would bring more joy probably to her (birth mother’s) life and my life if we could be reunited,” said Derhgawen. “I just want people’s hearts to be touched and hopefully, my birth mother will come forward.”

Derhgawen had uncovered a letter her teenage mother had sent to the owner of the car she was left in. In the letter, the young mom promises to stop at nothing in order to find her beloved daughter. “I cut her picture out of the paper and carry it in my wallet. I cry when I think of her. I love her so much,” reads the letter.

Hungerford, 84, just had a baby herself when she found Kira in her neighbor’s parked car. “It was a very tiny baby. Very calm, very sweet… just like she is now,” said Hungerford, who now lives in Auburn, Calif. The two are now closer than ever. “Words don’t describe it because this is a once in a lifetime happening. This doesn’t happen to too many people,” Hungerford said.



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