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Abandoned California Teen Earns Full Scholarship To Harvard

Lloyd Chen

Lloyd Chen has had what you would call a “hard life,” abandoned when he was just a baby by his family, but he still stuck to his dream of attending Harvard University. Chen, who was named valedictorian of Laguna Creek High School with a 4.79 GPA, did so well in school that he received a full scholarship offer to nine different universities, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

Chen’s mother, Susie Yun, moved to the states from South Korea, and shorty after arriving in America her husband left her to take care of two daughters and Lloyd all by herself. Money during those times were especially tough, and Chen’s mother often had to sit and wait in the car after dropping her son off at school because she couldn’t afford to pay for gas. He is still shocked at how many universities have offered him a scholarship.

“It was so shocking and so gratifying,” the star student told CBS. “And it was just a blessing.”


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