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Disabled Duck Named Buttercup Gets 3D Printed Food



Technology Saving Animals Life and Comfort Zone

With 3d Printing becoming more popular day by day it is great to see the technology being used for good! A poor duck named Buttercup was born with a backwards left foot and doctors wanted to help him be a normal duck again! In order to do this they took a mold of his left sister Minnie’s leg and used that as the basis to scan and print a 3d left leg for him!

The company that printed it is known as NovaCopy which donated the 3D mold of his foor to the doctors to provide back to him. CNET Reporters mentioned “”Buttercup, currently walking around on his stump, is due to get his new foot very soon, with the final design arriving in the next two weeks.” Here at Global Good Networks we love to support positive acts in the community and this is definitely one of them.

This Arlington, Tenessee duck has been at the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary and will hopefully be back to normal soon here. Let us know your thoughts about this great story and what other technologies you feel can do good in the world.

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