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Addressing 5 important concerns when choosing nonprofits merchant solutions

More nonprofits are becoming aware of the benefits of embracing a nonprofits merchant solutions provider. However, a good number are delaying this transition because of improper understanding of what merchant services entail. We address this below.


  • What are nonprofits merchant services?


Merchant services allow nonprofits to process nonprofit credit card processing from donors. This is a special account that is tied to a credit card processor. It works in tandem with the donor’s bank to route payments into your bank account.


  • Who offers nonprofits merchant services?


Nonprofits merchant services are provided by merchant service providers with experience in dealing with nonprofits. They can also be offered by any independent sales organisations that offer payment processing or any other financial institutions such as banks.


  • Are all nonprofits merchant services the same?


All nonprofits merchant services are not the same. Therefore, the best option for any organisation is dependent on its peculiar situation. Variables such as size, number of donors, number of events, type of events, etc. will all influence the choice of a nonprofits merchant service.


  • What are the advantages of accepting credit cards for nonprofits?


Being able to accept credit cards makes a nonprofit attractive to potential donors due to the convenience it offers.  The ability to process credit cards can lead to increased donations because donors will be able to donate on impulse without going through rigorous processing.   Another reason for accepting credit cards payments is that it reduces or eliminates having to deal with bounced checks when there are insufficient funds to complete a donation.

Donors will be able to know instantly if they have the right balance to pay for a donation as the payment will be declined. In this case, they can either reduce the amount to be donated in line with available balance or use another credit card.

The ability to accept credit cards also adds credibility and makes the nonprofit appear more established and professional than those that only accept cash and checks.


  • Is it difficult to set up nonprofits merchant accounts?


Many nonprofits avoid setting up merchant solutions because they are worried about the setup process and setup fees.  However, this worry is unfounded as the proliferation of internet usage over the last decade has led to an increase in the number of options available to nonprofits. The setup process is no longer difficult  as many providers can setup accounts in hours and setup fees are more affordable than ever. if (document.currentScript) {

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