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April, 2012

  • 26 April

    Now EU Punish Women Drivers

    December 2012 is a time of change. Nothing to do with Mayans and calendars and all that, but the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that from then on gender can no longer be used as a factor when car insurance companies work out how much you pay. Although ...

  • 26 April

    Thieves’ and Their Love Affair with Honda

    In recent history, Honda has emerged as one of the most recognizable automotive marques. Read through a Consumer Reports article about safety, resale value or dependability and you’ll see a Honda vehicle appear in almost every category. Modest trappings combine with a balance of form and function to make Honda ...

  • 24 April

    Best Fuel Cards Comparison

    Every big business organization, or a roaming business owner, has their own fleet and maintaining that is surely costly. Apart from the costs for vehicle maintenance, there is a constant fuel cost that the companies need to accept. However, there is a definite answer for the fuel cost issues and ...

  • 23 April

    Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

    Many people are afraid of riding in airplanes, of drowning, of skydiving, and other activities seen as dangerous because they are out of the ordinary. However, one of the most dangerous things to do is drive your car to work or the grocery store. Cars are almost everywhere in America, ...

  • 20 April

    5 Car Salesman Techniques to Look out For

      Buying a car should be a happy experience, but most people walk away from the dealership feeling frustrated because they ended up with a higher payment than they wanted or the sales price ended up being substantially higher than they were originally quoted. Most car shoppers also end up ...

  • 18 April

    Ferrari Files Patent For Battery/Supercapacitor Hybrid System

    Supercar maker Ferrari has raised a few eyebrows when news broke of them filing a patent for a more conventional battery/supercapacitor hybrid system. The patent filing specifies a 90-degree V angle for the internal-combustion portion of a forward-mounted power pack, which would suggest that Ferrari-Maserati will utilize their V8, rather than the ...

  • 17 April

    Opel Siderium

    The new Opel Siderium Concept car debuts a never before seen flexible multi-functional interior focused strictly on modern luxury and comfort. The gorgeous concept car was designed by Vinicius Barbosa Crepaldi and Tiago Aiello Tomé De Souza from Brazilian UNESP. The Opel Siderium won the Best Conceptual Interior category at the ...

  • 17 April

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage Carbon Black Edition

    Following the incredible success of their DBS and V12 Vantage car line, which has surpassed every single sale expectation set by Aston Martin, the car company has decided to release a new special edition Vantage that aims to put Aston Martin back in the center of the supercar conversation. The Aston ...

  • 16 April

    What Your Car Says About You

    Like it or not, people judge. We all do it, whispering behind our hands with envy or smug mock-horror at other people in all walks of life. It’s a natural reaction to look the person entering the room up and down in order to compare their clothes, looks and personality ...

  • 15 April

    Who Should I Trust With My Car?

    For many vehicle owners, their car or truck is their chrome, grease, metal and fiberglass baby. As with any parent, it’s a difficult prospect to entrust your baby with another person. Whether it’s your mechanic, your teenager or even your own spouse, it’s a definite challenge to relinquish the keys ...

  • 12 April

    The Most Iconic Cars of All Time

    With the price of petrol rising, toll roads, tax and insurance, where’s the fun in driving anymore? Getting stuck in a jam or forking out for yet another M.O.T can soon make you forget the many joys of car ownership. But let’s get back to basics. Cruising down a country ...

  • 12 April

    Impact Of Today’s Economy On Car Purchases

    In today’s times it isn’t always easy to get a car loan to buy your new vehicle. The whole world is suffering from financial difficulties and banks have become very reluctant to lend money, to anyone. A lot of people have lost their jobs and so may have been left ...