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5 Cool Things To Do In Bodrum Summer Holiday 2012

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Bodrum Summer Holiday
Bodrum Summer Holiday
The beautifully historic coastal city of Bodrum has been an oceanside paradise since times of antiquity. Situated in the southwest region of Turkey, the location and particular climate of the city of Bodrum help to give it the ideal characteristics of a mediterranean oasis. When visiting this wonderful city there are countless activities which one can engage in but listed below are only 5 of these such activities. With flights to Bodrum from Thompson at low prices now is a fantastic time to go and visit this stunning city.

Bodrum Sightseeing
Sightsee- Sightseeing in Bodrum is an unforgetable experience. History seamlessly blends with your vacation into an idyllic adventure. The Mausoleum which is named after its famous leader Mausolus who reigned during the 4th century BC is one such location. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology has since its inception remained not only the leading museum in Turkey, but the leading museum of its kind in the world. Its location in the Castle of St Peter allow one to view two historical monuments simultaneously.
Neyzen Travel & Boating
Neyzen Travel & Yachting- These leisurely cruises are the ideal pleasure cruises adding an extension to your vacation. Far and away the most popular activity in Bodrum, “Blue Cruises” are a form of the day trips offered at this coastal retreat which only adds to the mystique of this paradise. Cruising to the island of Karaada with its cascading hot springs leave visitors in awe.
Snorkeling- The Snorkel and Dive Center is where tourists and residents alike can enjoy snorkeling in the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea. Crystal clear waters provide an open invitation for snokelers where in addition to the coral beds you are sure to see octopi, barracudas and most certainly the remnants of a shipwreck. The abundance of shipwrecks serve as a magnet to those who crave a snorkeling experience.
Bodrum Hamam
Bodrum Hamam– A must see when visiting Bodrum, this Turkish bath house is a relaxing way to begin or end any day while on vacation. Separate sections for men and women ensure privacy while you recieve your massage. A must try for the classsic world famous Turkish bath experience.
Bodrum Aqua Park
Aqua Park- You and your children will enjoy a trip to the waterpark during your Bodrum vacation. In addition to being the first, it also holds the distinction of being the largest waterpark in Turkey. Over 40,000 square meters and an excess of 20 slides provide a fun-filled afternoon you’re sure to remember.

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