8 Bachelor Pad Faux Pas to Avoid

blankIf you’re a bachelor, the home you live in doesn’t have to be a dark, dreary, cluttered mess. Your bachelor pad can be made into a stylish, yet homely place for you to live and entertain in. Plus, when you decide to sell your home one day, your chic abode will make a world of difference. The following are some common mistakes to avoid when designing your bachelor pad:
Choose Tasteful Curtains
You’re not in school anymore, so put the flag on the wall, the linens back on the bed and towels back in the bathroom. Go to the local store and purchase draperies or blinds. They come in a variety of colours, can be laundered and as an added bonus, some blinds can also be dusted for easy clean-up.
Get Rid of the Clutter
Don’t place all of your belongings into one room. Instead, spread your furnishings throughout the apartment or home, making sure to make the most out of each room. Your bachelor pad should reflect your personality, so select items that let your character shine through.
Add Some Colour
The days of living in a dorm are long gone, and it’s time to splash some colour on those pristine walls. If you’re renting an apartment, don’t worry; you can either ask your landlord for permission to paint your walls or return them to the original colour when you move out. Choose colours that are bold and warm, yet flow throughout the house. If you’re not sure what to select, ask a knowledgeable professional for help.
Let There Be Enough Light
It’s typical for most bachelor pads to lack sufficient lighting. However, don’t let your dwelling be left in the dark. Purchase several inexpensive lamps and place them throughout the rooms in your house. You may not find yourself using them every day, but they are sure to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere when you have guests over.
Be Prepared to Entertain
The sofa may be a comfortable place to watch football and eat pizza with the guys, but it’s not the most suitable location to entertain guests or a dinner date. Be prepared to entertain by shopping for dining room furniture, dinnerware and utensils. It doesn’t have to be top of the line merchandise, but make sure that it goes well together.
Select Matching Furniture
Once again, you’re college days are behind you, so there’s no need for garage sale bits and pieces. It’s now time to invest in some appropriate furniture to furnish your new apartment or home. Choose pieces that are both durable and tasteful. You can find furniture that will not only look stylish, but won’t break the bank.
Keep the Collectibles to a Minimum
It’s common for sports enthusiasts to be proud of their favourite team, however, there’s no reason to turn your bachelor pad into a sports arena. Keep the sports memorabilia to a minimum by placing paraphernalia in a specific area of your home. Not only will this allow you to have more space, but it will be easier to clean.

Ditch the Birds Nest

Most bachelor pads are equipped with every gadget known to man, which means cables and wiring strewn about. To keep things in proper order, use power strips and twist ties to hold everything together. If the cables are visible try placing furniture in front to hide them. In areas with high-traffic, use invisible tape to keep everything in place and to prevent a tripping hazard.
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