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Benefit Express brings effectiveness to benefits administration

Benefit Express

Benefit Express is on a mission to make the lives of business owners and CEOs a little easier. The Illinois-based company offers businesses a range of services related to employee benefits, communications, and human resources. Benefit Express prides itself on having the resources to meet the needs of the large clients – such as Fortune 500 companies, but also being entrepreneurial enough to ensure that each client gets customized solutions.

The company serves large and small organizations, including not-for-profit clients such as hospitals, government agencies and associations.

Benefit Express is also differentiating itself by offering approaches that are designed to reduce headaches when it comes to optimizing administrative processes, some of which involve the handling of sensitive information.

In 2013, Benefit Express, launched a new employee communication tool that offers clients the ability to interact with their employees in a number of ways. The service makes it easier for employees to communicate as well as reduce the client’s administrative load.

“Our top priority is to provide our clients with solutions to the challenges they face every day,” says Maria Bradley, president and founder. “This solution helps employers communicate effectively and efficiently to their employee populations.”

Bradley, who founded the company in 2001, did so after spending 25 years in benefits administration, developing a variety of products and services related to employee benefits management.

These days, she still oversees the financial wellbeing and strategic plan of Benefit Express, and she makes sure the company sticks with her “customer-centric” philosophy by promoting it regularly.

“What I have come to appreciate – and what I hope all of you realize – is that our work impacts the lives of people in a very real way,” Bradley said. “We are, at times, the bearer or custodian or interpreter of the most important information that our clients need at some of the most critical periods in their lives.”

She added that she believes that she and the company’s employees are “there to inspire hope, or bring confidence, or provide comfort to people in need.”

“Benefits are the most important forms of compensation an employer can provide and for many of their employees it is the most critical,” Bradley said, reiterating that the company is there to help prepare them for emergencies, for the unknown, for the future.

“It is their security, their access to care, their protection for their family,” Bradley said. “In other words: It is their life. When viewed from this perspective, our purpose is actually much more profound and goes well beyond our own stated corporate goals.”

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