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Best Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers

Volunteer Opportunities

No one is too young to donate their time to a worthy cause! Encouraging your teenager to spend some time volunteering is a great way to help them become more empathetic and connected to the people around them. It can be significant for homeschool teenagers since it can help them discover what they may be interested in as a college major and give them a chance to meet their peers.  So what are the best volunteer opportunities for teenagers? Here is a list of some ways your child can get involved in their community.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for people all over the world. Anyone as young as five can help create a home for a family in their community.

American Red Cross

Volunteers are the main force behind the disaster relief that the American Red Cross provides. This organization delivers aid after a disaster, organizes blood drives, and provides other medical relief. They have opportunities for children as young as elementary school.

Volunteer OpportunitiesHumane Society

Maybe your teenager is an animal lover? The Humane Society could always use a helping hand or two! Whether that’s helping out in a shelter, doing community outreach, or fundraising, your child can donate their time to help our furry friends.

Meals on Wheels

If your teenager wants an excuse to drive, you can suggest that they spend a few hours delivering for Meals on Wheels. This organization provides meals for seniors who have physical disabilities or who don’t have financial stability.

Key Club

Does your child’s school have a Key Club? It’s a volunteer organization specifically for teenagers. Committed to turning our children into leaders, this organization provides services such as clothing and food drives and cleaning up litter.

Sierra Club

Your teenager can also help fight climate change at the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club volunteers clean up local outdoor spaces, lead nature outings, and help with environmental campaigns.

If you’re searching for the best volunteer opportunities for teenagers in your community, suggest one of these worthwhile causes to them!

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