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Best Ways To Prevent Littering at Community Parks

Prevent Littering

If you work for a city or municipality and notice your local parks and community areas collecting litter, don’t feel hopeless. There are strategies that you can put into place to encourage your community to do better and be more environmentally conscious. Start with these best ways to prevent littering at community parks to address this local issue.

Increase Trash and Recycling Receptacles

One of the most notorious reasons that the average person litters is due to the lack of disposal areas for their trash. If a park guest can’t find a trash bin or recycling receptacle nearby, they are more likely to dispose of their trash anywhere than hang onto it until they find a closer trash can. Try adding more trash and recycling bins to your park, especially in high-traffic areas and areas where you notice high concentrations of litter. Keep the placement and how many trash cans you will need in mind when buying municipal park trash cans.

Spread the Word

Next, spread the word throughout your community and especially to new park visitors. Consider posting signs around your park entrance that address the littering issue and encourage patrons to make use of the proper trash receptacles. You could even mark trash and recycling locations on any nearby maps or directories so that people know when there is a station nearby. If your community doesn’t realize there’s an issue at hand, they won’t have any reason to participate in the changes that need to be made.

Host Community Cleanup Events

Finally, a great way to bring the community together and spread the word of the issue in one go is to host a cleanup event. Littering cleanup events help your community understand the problem and actively work towards changing it. Reach out to local environmental groups to partner with and bolster your forces for the event. Let your community know well in advance by advertising the event in newsletters, newspapers, and on your city website. Before you know it, you’ll have a full turnout.

Your city or municipality’s park littering problem won’t disappear overnight, but these are some of the best ways to prevent littering at community parks in the future. These strategies help bring your community together for a positive change.

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