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Digital Marketing Resources for Students trying to build a brand

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For Students – Building a brand while in school is not as hard as it may seem

Hello Global Gooders, today we bring you a piece about Students and the resources that are available to you or them while in school. Whether it is college that you are in, graduate school, or perhaps even high school, middle school or even lower ( congrats on the motivation ) there are many ways to get yourself and your idea online.
The Global Good Network itself was started by two students still in college; Richard Jeffries and Josh Bois ( me ). Students can use social networks to help market themselves and drive a following for free. Often time the best thing for a company is the sweat equity from actually putting in time and building an organic, natural following. Opening up your own wordpress blog can be free when done on WordPress.com. There are thousands of great themes that are free or very cheap and can make your idea look like a million bucks, or shoot higher for a billion.
Use the resources available at your school such as professors and teachers or Alumni. The more effort that you put into your idea the more receptive they will likely be about helping you take it to the next level and getting it profitable and properly marketed.
Start a club for it or recruit students to help right from your own classes. Often times students are very excited to start a venture or be part of the coolest new startup and will lend their help for free or equity if your idea takes off.
Read about some more resources that are online for students in Mashable’s article: http://mashable.com/2012/08/29/personal-branding-for-students/

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