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Enigma NMS Offers Scalability in Enterprise Networks

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Enigma NMS offers scalability and lower costs in the monitoring of enterprise networks.  It’s the main product line of Australia-based NETSAS and is a “Noc in the Box” appliance that can be built on any hardware or VM.

According to the company, Enigma NMS can be sent anywhere in the world and provide visibility, monitoring and management capabilities of entire enterprise network infrastructure over the single VPN connection.  It’s also scalable to more than 10,000 network nodes and over 1,000 servers and apps.

Enigma requires full control of the operating system CentOS5.5.  Here are additional product features:

  • No Linux skills required

  • VM enabled

  • No agents, scripting, or CLI commands

  • No server or database administration skills required

  • No maintenance

“Enigma contains all required functionality within the same product, hence [zero] integration cost,” according to NETSAS.  “You don’t have to know anything about Linux server or database administration. Enigma manages and optimizes its own operating systems (CentOS5.5) and database (MySQL) environment. It monitors its own file system utilization and clears the historical data preventing system from running out of disk space. It also monitors the health of its database engine and auto repairs any corrupted tables.”

Enigma NMS is the only enterprise network management solution where carrier services are fully integrated and customizable.  When network outage occurs, Enigma advises its clients of the details of connected carriage.

All of the following features are included:

  • Network Performance Monitor – 200,000+ interfaces, 1min stats, never rolled (CPU, Memory, Ping, Errors, Discards, Broadcasts, Traffic Utilization (Bits/Packets per sec)

  • QoS Monitor – 50,000+ QoS Classes, 1min stats, never rolled

  • Port Monitor – Auto detection and monitoring of Layer 2 and 3 trunks

  • Device Locator – by MAC, IP Address or NetBIOS name

  • Dynamic Physical Topology Maps

  • Application Monitor – with Web Content and Response Time Monitoring

  • Server Monitor – 1000+ servers, CPU, MEM, File System Utilization, Installed Software and Monitoring of Running Processes

  • Wireless Monitor – Auto discovered WLC, LWAP, WLAN – VLAN Mapping, Mobile Clients

  • VM Monitor – Auto discovered VM Hosts, VM Guests, Resource utilization

  • Asset Manager – All Hardware and Software modules on all managed devices, historical tracking

  • IP Address Manager – IPv4 and IPv6

  • Traffic Analyzer – all versions of NetFlow, unlimited sources, zero maintenance

  • IP SLA Monitor – 15,000+ probes

  • VRF Monitor – VRFs, Interfaces memberships, routing, TE Tunnels

  • Environment Monitor – UPS, Temperature, Voltage, etc.

  • SYSLOG Monitor – customizable matching patterns and actions

  • SNMP Trap Monitor – customizable matching patterns and actions

  • User Activity Monitor – visibility of all commands entered via CLI across all network

  • Configuration Manager – vendor independent, auto config downloads and scheduled config changes on multiple devices

  • Maintenance Contract Monitor – proactive notifications on contract expiration

  • Carrier Services Management – fully customizable to any operational or business requirements

  • Carriage Bill Validation – minimization of telecommunication expenses up to 10%

  • High-Availability Cluster – Virtual IP and real-time data replication

  • Incident and Change Management

  • Intrusion Detection Monitor

  • Cisco NBAR Monitor

  • Integration with LDAP, DNS, NTP, SMTP, TACACS, SMS

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