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5 Ways to Make Your Plane Ride Much More Enjoyable

You’re on another long, boring flight. The in-flight movie is one you’ve seen already, and the headphones cost too much anyway. You’re sitting with strangers who don’t seem at all interested in striking up a conversation. How can you pass the time until you reach your destination? Fear not. From the e-reader to the portable DVD player, here are five ways to make your flight not just bearable, but actually fun.
1. e-Readers. You could just bring along books, but e-readers are much more versatile. They allow you to bring along an entire library in a much smaller package, with titles to fit whatever mood you’re in, from current bestsellers to timeless classics. You can also download newspapers, magazines, comics, and more. Many e-readers even have a list of titles you can download for free.
2. Laptops. Many airlines now offer free WiFi, so with a laptop you can spend your flight browsing the Internet. Check your e-mail, do some social networking, or even catch up on work.
3. Portable DVD Players. Airlines may charge extra to watch the in-flight movie, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring your own movies along with you. Portable DVD Players are the best for long flights; they let you watch as many movies as the flight’s timetable will allow, and even lets you pause to go to the restroom. It’s also lighter and easier to carry than a laptop, and has a longer battery life (laptops tend to run out after a couple of hours, which isn’t good for longer flights), with less tendency to overheat. Plus, few things can pass the time better than DVDs. A couple of movies and an episode of your favorite TV show, and your five-hour flight will be ready to land.
4. Portable MP3 Players. If you’re like most people, your music library could probably last you for a non-stop flight around the world. Listening to your favorite music is a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. But that’s not all you can do with your MP3 player. You can also listen to audiobooks, lectures by famous and important people, old radio dramas, or anything else that’s been turned into a sound file.
5. Games. Your phone is in Airplane Mode, so you can’t call or text. But you can still play games on it, as well as use certain other features and apps. You could even go old school and bring some travel-sized games with you.
A long airplane ride doesn’t have to be boring. With a little preparation and a little ingenuity, there are plenty of ways to make the flight fun and interesting. Don’t be afraid to be creative and come up with your own forms of airplane entertainment. The sky’s the limit!
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