Five Attractions to Visit in Venice


Venice is situated in the north east of Italy, right on the water.  It is easily accessible by road, train and plane – so if you are in Italy,  you really have no excuse NOT to visit the city on the water.

You can go to Venice all year round, but for the sake of crowds and very hot days, avoid July and August.  The canals also tend to smell as the sun encourages the algae to grow.  When you are next in Venice here are a few places you should visit.

1) St Mark’s Square

In winter, this place can be deserted but on a nice warm and sunny day, it is the place to go.  If you are watching your pennies, stroll through the square but have a spot of lunch and a drink elsewhere as you are paying a premium to eat in this piazza.

2) St Peter’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace

Once you are in St Mark’s Square, simply turn around and you are at the Basilica.  It is a worth a visit inside but in peak season you should arrive early to avoid the long queues.  Right next door to the Basilica is The Palazzzo Ducale – The Doge’s Palace which is combination of Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architecture and was once the home to the Doge, the elected ruler of the city.

3) Walk around Venice

This is one of the best ways to see Venice.  You can take a vaporetto to get you to other parts of the city if you are short on time.  Walking across all the canals, getting lost down the side streets, stopping off for a pizza along the way, is all part of discovering Venice.

4) Take a Gondola

I would suggest taking a gondola if you are with a group of friends or a partner as it is quite expensive, from about 28 euros per person.  It can be fun to see Venice in the gondala which once was the only way to get around the city. There are many places to pick up a gondola, by the Rialto bridge, by St Mark’s Square and even along the smaller canals.

5) Visit Murano Island

If you are in Venice for more than a couple of days it is well worth taking a trip to Murano island where the famous murano glass is made.  Here you can watch glass-blowing and glass sculpturing and then purchase the glass being made. There are many studios on the island, so give yourself a day to visit the less touristy ones.

Venice is a beautiful city to visit and is home to 60,000 people who live on Venice island.  The population can more than double in the summer when tourists flock to the city, renting one of their own Venice apartments for the duration of their holiday. It is well worth spending a few days in Venice, next time you are on holiday in Italy.


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