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So you say you have a vision? Now how do you get people to adopt it? Powerful leaders are strong visionaries who stand up for what they believe in and build a network of support to expand their reach.  One great organization, Global Women’s Leadership Network, is helping to shape the next generation of women leaders through their transformational leadership training program.
I recently shared a few words and a cup of coffee with GWLN marketing and social media consultant Ana Pischl. Her words on the impact GWLN is having in the world:

GWLN teaches women who come to the program what it takes to get their vision to the next level. It is very inspiring to see the women transform before my eyes, to foster their networks, and be a part of their dreams to change the world.

As part of the world-renowned Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, GWLN hosts an in-house training program in which women are coached on transformational leadership and pushed beyond their comfort zones, all in the name of social change. During the week-long program, the women form relationships with each other, GWLN’s previous graduates, and the Silicon Valley community. Then, with one-on-one guidance from GWLN, the women execute their business plans in their respective countries. Great causes and organizations are always coming out of SCU, but this one stands on its own as a global player.
So far, Global Women’s Leadership Network has hosted hundreds of women from over 40 countries. GWLN’s program has coached women who have saved thousands of baby girl lives in India, become regular HuffPo contributors, resurrected wells for clean water in Nigeria, and lead Peruvian artisans recently signed by major clothing line Anthropologie.
GWLN’s social media presence is bursting with energy as they promote great causes, people, ideas, and leaders around the world.
Official GWLN Facebook:
Official GWLN Twitter:
Official Vision from their website:


Our vision is to prepare global leaders who are empowered and perceive themselves with three major principles: “Whole Woman, Whole Leader, Whole World”.

  • Whole Woman – as an individual, fulfilling her purpose
  • Whole Leader – as an innovator, inspiring and enrolling others because they are needed to fulfill a vision
  • Whole World – as a key part of a network, working to ignite a new future for humanity in harmony with nature

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