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Classic Holiday Traditions – A Christmas Story (Movie)

A Christmas Story

There are quite a number of holiday traditions and a good number of those of traditions center around the holiday entertainment that can be found; specifically that of holiday entertainment. Everyone has there particular favorite when it comes to holiday entertainment; some like traditional, some like modern and some like a combination. However, there is one movie that everyone recognizes and looks forward to; A Christmas Story.Who doesn’t remember the immortal line; “You’ll shoot your eye out!” When this one particular line is mentioned everyone just automatically knows what movie is being referenced as images of little Ralphie come to mind. After all, what would Christmas be with this great classic movie playing on the television? Little did anyone know that in 1983 when this movie hit the screen would it develop such a place in the hearts of millions and so effectively play a part in the holiday’s entertainment traditions.What makes this movie such a great classic is the combination of the retro feel that takes up back to the 1940’s and the humor that can be found in those quirky moments of childhood, especially around the holiday season. A large part of the movies charm is how Ralphie views the moments that kids see as the huge hurdles of life in such an over the top dramatic way that only kids can recognize; and this is done with such clarity and faithfulness to a child’s imagination. This, when combined with a child’s wild imagination, proves for a winning and charming effect that rings true to those childhood moments we may have forgotten when we reached adulthood.
Although it’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t seen this classic, Christmas Story is about a young boy named Ralphie, played brilliantly by Peter Billingsley, in 1949 Indiana who has only one wish for his Christmas gift; an official Red Rider carbine action 200 shot bb rifle with this thing in the stock that tell time. Unfortunately for little Ralphie his mother, and almost everyone else, seem to have the fear that he will shoot his eye out. This begins are diligent hero’s quest to reach his Holy Grail, or BB rifles as the case may be.
The antics soon ensue as little Ralphie tries every ploy imaginable, from planting ads in his mother’s magazine to informing his parents of the bear that his friend Schwartz saw as the candy store, to reach his goal. Ralphie even devises the brilliant plan of making the subject of his homework assignment that of wanting his beloved rifle as a Christmas gift. However, nothing seems to work despite his best efforts until he remembers his ace in the hole; telling Santa Clause, who also believes that little Ralphie will shoot his eyes out.
Along the way Ralphie learns some valuable life lessons such as the importance of not being tricked into confessing to the teacher after triple dog daring your friend to stick his tongue to a frozen flag pole. Another lesson that proves valuable for little Ralphie would be that of the sneakiness of advertisers who like to slip in ads during Little Orphan Annie after waiting weeks for your decoder pin. Let’s not forget the lesson of standing up to the neighborhood bully as you use every word you’ve heard your father say as he fights with the furnace and having your mother pull you off to learn that she won’t squeal on you to your father. However, we all know the most important lesson would be that of which soap is preferable when your mother washes your mouth out for repeating what Dad said.
Through all of these lessons and rampant imaginings little Ralphie accepts defeat; yes, even when he has to wear Aunt Clara’s pink bunny suit. Ralphie accepts that he wont be getting his beloved BB gun. However, the one source that Ralphie never though to try; The Old Man, comes through in brilliant style. Yes, little Ralphie gets his rifle and almost shoots his eye out, but only grazed himself and even manages to avoid possible retribution thanks to convincing tears and icicles.

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