How to find great bars in London


Get your night started in London

Ready to get out on the town in London? Whether you are looking for bars in london or perhaps a night club there are some great online resources to help you find just what you are looking for.

There are some various areas that you will want to look through for the top bars and night spots such as:

SOHO ( Central London )

West End

City Bars

Covent Garden

Each has its own distinct vibe so you will want to check the areas out on different nights to get the full picture of everything. Every bar or club is different as well and has different features such as whether they serve dinner, if it is indoor or outdoor, whether or not it has a lounge, if it is a part venue, if they are open late, what type of music they have, and if they have a DJ among others.

Somethings we look for is whether or not a club has a dance area since that is our favorite thing to do when out but many people just want to know there is bottle service for them and their friends. Perhaps more important for you may be how close the nearest station is for public transport such as a bus or subway if you are trying to avoid taxis or expensive private transportation. When you search for a great bar in London online you may also be able to find specials on holiday parties, happy hour and more.

One thing that you get online that you won’t get from just visiting many places first is reviews. The review is an essential part in the choosing process between different night clubs and bars because it can let you know what really goes on behind just the pretty entrance or pictures you see of a certain place. Everything from service to pricing, how busy or non busy it may be, can be covered by many people giving you the ability to pick the best place. We believe in the law of averages and looking at many reviews to get the best idea of what the place is really like outside of what the club owner may have posted themselves or a random mad customer outside the norm.

Some places are more upscale and some may be more social or both, we recommend going online to find out for yourself.

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