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Improve Education in Honduran Coffee Farming Village – Indie Gogo

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Help Improve Education in Honduran Coffee Farming Village

Here at GGN we support good causes and here is a great one to support, getting more children educated in a Honduran Coffee Farming Village! Every morning you drink your coffee which helps you wake up, get to work and support yourself, your family, and even moonlight your business in some cases.
What about the poor families that help to actually make that cup of Joe possible? Let’s help them by supporting their children who can one day help their parents out and contribute to society. You never know when one of these students will invent the next iPhone or Facebook!
Lets think about others this holiday season and contribute…
Here’s how, go to this link: http://igg.me/p/564521/x/5124051
Pick out a donation amount your a comfortable with, at a minimum please try to at least give a $1 or $5 to slowly chip away. As of writing right now they are at $240 but need to get to nearly $5K to make this happen at all. There is even a $1000 option if you are feeling really generous! We recommend checking out their page to see more information on how they plan on helping with those funds. For example it costs $375/month for a part-time English speaking teacher and this investment would help these students learn and be able to be a part of their community and what is going on. We are working with the coffee farmers in the area to be able to negotiate higher prices by selling together as a group and find ways to produce more so that part of this problem can be resolved when the funding is out in two years.
Here’s a small recap video we have partnered with Crimson Cup to make to support this cause!

Help get these students a teacher by throwing in some tax-deductible donations today!
Check Out The Indie Gogo Campaign Below:

Article By: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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