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Samsung counter suit against Apple prior to iPhone5 launch

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Just prior to the iPhone 5 launching Samsung is gearing up to go after Apply for recently coming after it with the lawsuit.
Cnet mentions. “Expected to be unveiled at a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the iPhone 5 will reportedly feature the speedier fourth-generation wireless networking, for which Samsung holds numerous patents. Samsung, which has been locked in a series of high-stakes patent trials with Apple, had previously threatened to sue the iPhone maker if it were to release LTE-enabled products.”
With the official device planned to launch on Wednesday everybody better be getting themselves prepped for an all out battle. I personally will be very angry at Samsung if they get the courts to take iPhone 5’s off of shelves because I want an iPhone 5 and the increased productivity it will give me. From a business stand point you can understand why Samsung would be mad though. Not only did Apple hurt their brand image with the law suit but they also may have taken technology for their speedier wireless communication which they will look like a hero for while Samsung sits in the shadows, no fair.
Stay tuned in for more updates about this issue and more!
Read more about everything directly on Cnet: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57510080-37/samsung-will-reportedly-sue-apple-over-lte-use-on-iphone-5/

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