Summer Reading Programs


Listen up, America! Summer reading is without a doubt a world not to be neglected. The more you read, read to your kids, share the delight of information, the better parent you become. Moreover, the better reader your child shall be! Remember this funny old quotation, “No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s”… Stephen Chbosky? It is a funny silly commentary on how kids think reading ends when summer vacation begins!


For a starter, most reading should be fun and interesting. It can provide learning experiences that enhance hobbies, interests, and even research! As a parent, encouraging reading should be top on your checklist. By providing reading materials, going to the public library, and placing reservations on books, this leads your child by example and shows your demonstration of dedication. If your child wants to learn about fish, borrow books on fish! If your child wants a book on medieval fantasy, peruse the selections at your library or bookstore. By the way, bookstores are a delightful trip for summer reading. The children’s section is not only inviting but exciting. Your child just might meet a famous author! They might even have the opportunity to win a book! Who doesn’t like contests?


First, bring books with you on trips. Sitting on a train or a plane is a perfect time to explore reading material. By getting your kids excited to read means that you are providing personal attention to their success! Now, that you and your child or children are on summer vacation, make sure you read to them. By reading to your child, you demonstrate reading skills and enthusiasm about what a person can find out in a book. Also, you can have a buddy system going on! You read a page, and your child will read a page. This is a read-along tag game. Additionally, make sure your child has a library card. By obtaining a library card, you have given the child access to a reading bank richer than any treasure. The mind is the beneficiary. Another fun thing to do is to have a reading theater. Have several children read in a circle and act out a book. This gives them opportunities to explore their drama skills. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions or provide time for feedback. Watch how interesting it gets, when you ask them if they would change the ending of a story- what would their take be on it?

Summer reading


By modeling literacy and taking the time to visit a bookstore, it is comparable to bringing a kid to a candy store. There are posters, contests, freebies, authors, and read alouds going on during the summer. This is as good as going to a zoo, just using their imagination instead. Remember, one of the reading goals from school is to keep up the reading proficiency level acquired during the academic year. Don’t let their reading level drop!

Hats off to literacy!

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