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The Ultimate Market Stall Gazebo Guide

financial_marketsIf you are a market trader that deals outdoors, you will appreciate the importance of protecting your stock from the elements. Some marketplaces supply traders with a shelter, but this is sometimes just a roof, and only trading in one location can limit your client reach. If you want to widen your market and try a market further afield, or decide to attend shows and events, you will eventually need to purchase a market stall.
A traditional market stall or a popup gazebo is a necessity for any market trader. If you are an experienced trader, or just starting out, choosing a gazebo is a crucial decision. It will act as your own portable shop, and will be the thing that stands between your products and the elements.
 There are lots of gazebos to choose from. The first thing to keep in mind is that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Some cheap gazebos are poorly made, with flimsy frames and thin canvas. These gazebos when used property will only last for a couple of months against wind, rain and snow.
Rather than saving money and risking the loss of your tent and stock, invest in a good quality gazebo. The main things to look out for is that your gazebo has been manufactured from a high quality PVC canvas, and has a robust steel frame. A quality gazebo will protect both you and your goods. Your tent stall is an investment and will last a number of years if you look after it properly.
If you are a regular trader and expect to use your gazebo repeatedly, extend the lifespan of your gazebo by investing in a purpose made, heavy-duty bag. If you intend to travel to multiple locations, bare in mind that gazebos can be damaged during transportation. If you are going to be setting up your stall multiple times on a weekly basis, it is important to choose a gazebo that is quick and easy to erect.
Once you have chosen your gazebo, there are some additional things you may want to consider. In order to keep your gazebo secure in windy conditions try leg weights to anchor it to the floor when on a hard surface, and soft ground anchors if you are in an outdoor marketplace. For extra protection, invest in sidewalls. This will decrease any damage caused by strong wind and rain.
When purchasing your gazebo, see if you can look at an example before you buy. Also, aim for a company that also supplies the additional components mentioned above as well as a full range of replacement parts in case anything gets lost or broken.
 With any kind of business, presentation is important when dealing face to face with customers. If you want to personalise your market stall, you could have the name of your company, your logo, and website printed on the canvas. This is a professional way of marketing your stall and attracting your customer’s attention.
 We hope that this guide has helped you find out everything you need to know about purchasing a gazebo for your market stall.
“Alex Harrard is an advanced market event planner and Instant Shelters distributer.”

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