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Ways To Keep Your Congregation Coming to Church in Summer

Ways To Keep Your Congregation Coming to Church in Summer

Summer can often lead to a dip in church attendance as families take vacations and enjoy the warm weather. However, there are innovative ways to keep your congregation coming to church in summer, ensuring that the sense of community and spiritual engagement remains strong even during these leisurely months.

Hold Services Outdoors

Taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather by holding services outdoors can be a refreshing change for your congregation. Outdoor services provide a unique opportunity for worshippers to connect with nature and experience spirituality in a new setting. Whether it’s in a church courtyard, a local park, or even a beach service, the natural backdrop can enhance the worship experience. Additionally, outdoor services can attract passersby who might not otherwise attend, thereby expanding your congregation.

Maintain Engagement by Streaming Services

For many, summer schedules are brimming with activities that may conflict with church service times. Consider streaming services online to ensure that members can still participate in worship. You may have begun streaming during the pandemic, but there’s no reason to stop now. Live-streamed services allow congregants to join in from anywhere, whether they’re on vacation or at home. This approach not only helps maintain engagement with existing members but also extends your reach to potential new members who are looking for a church home online.

Make an Independence Day Float for Your Local Parade

Creating a float for the Fourth of July parade is a wonderful way to come together as a community and make a public declaration of your church’s presence and values. This activity fosters teamwork and provides a platform for outreach in a fun and festive environment.

Participate in Forest Preserve Work Days or Community Clean Up Days

Organizing groups to participate in local environmental or clean-up projects can be a tangible way to live out the call to care for creation. Such activities not only contribute positively to the community but also offer a setting for fellowship and witnessing through action.

Host an Ice Cream Social

Hosting an ice cream social is a simple yet effective way to foster community within your church. It’s a relaxed event that people of all ages enjoy, providing an excellent opportunity for fellowship. Hosting this event after a service or on a weekend can keep the congregation connected through the summer months.

Summer break is a great excuse to install LED signage outside your church and publicize your community involvement and upcoming activities. Using such signage to announce what your congregation is up to can draw new people to your church to check out services and interest groups.

Incorporating these strategies can significantly enhance the summer experience for your church and keep your congregation engaged in the summer. By adapting to the seasonal changes and exploring new forms of fellowship and worship, you can encourage your congregation to stay active and involved throughout the summer months.


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