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Shark fishing is banned in The Bahamas

I remember the first time i saw the movie Jaws, i was scared to even get in a pool,let alone the ocean. I was scared that i would get attacked by one of those monsters, but not everyone shared my fears. When you think of the Bahamas, you think sun,sand,shade and relaxing waters, but what you dont realize is that the Bahamas is a go to destination for people looking to hunt sharks. Environmentalists estimate that about 73 million sharks are killed each year due to the high demand for its fins in Chinese cuisine.Well on Tuesday July 5th the tiny island nation of the Bahamas has banned shark fishing in its country. It also went one step further and banned the sale, import, and export of shark products. Those caught violating the law will be fined a $5,000 dollars. I’m sure with enough money in bribes though, many people will be able to side step this law and continue fishing for sharks. (Written By: Isidori Mtabo)

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