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Bad Girls Club 8: Las Vegas (Episode 7 Fashion Recap)

So it’s that time in the season! Yes! The girls are going on Vacation! The girls are told to pack their bikinis and head to Lake Havasu. Never heard of it but being that they are in Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert the idea of going to a lake sounds refreshing. The girls pack up and drive 3 hours to the Lake.

The girls arrive and get settled in. That night the girls go out for drinks at a local hot spot. Mimi and Elease started talking to locals Erica is upset and thinks they are lame. In my opinion Erica’s zebra print outfit was lame. It doesn’t flatter her shape and looks cheap. Either way Erica thought the guys Mimi and Elease were talking to were “scavengers” and had some choice words for them.

The next day the girls decide to head out to the lake. Erica and the Twins are fuming when the other girls start partying with the “scavengers” and invite them on the boat. I was not feeling Gia’s blue-green-yellow- black leopard bikini, the fit is just wrong honey. She has a little pouch and should consider wearing a one piece monokini! I believe Gabi was wearing the Victoria Secret white bikini with the pink sequin, it is a sexy bathing but she just doesn’t exude sexy to me. Anyway the girls enjoyed the rest of their time on the lake except The Twins and Erica who refused to waste time partying with “scavengers.”

That night the girls decide to head to a local bar. I was loving Gabi’s feather earring. Yes, she wore just one earring dare I say it look fierce! However there was a repeat offender! Erica wore that same checker print black and white dress once again! Why??!!! Gia was wearing a leopard print romper that was fitted and looked very tasteful! Very well put together Gia. Erica was upset again because Mimi, Amy, and Elease were having a blast standing on the bar and hanging with the “scavengers.”  In retaliation the other girls leave them behind and lock them out of the hotel room. Mimi was not having it! When they got a hold of the manger to open the room door, Mimi went busting through the door like the hulk. Of course, no one fussed up to why they did it.

When the crew gets back home The Twins were still upset with Mimi and the other girls for hanging out with the “scavengers.” The twins get a hold of her MARS chain, yes the one she wears everywhere! After digging through her luggage and into her jewelry bag they decide to be careless and drop it on the floor, cracking the “m” on the chain. Scared of what Mimi would say the Twins quickly hid the chain back in Mimi’s luggage and pretended like they knew nothing.

Mimi will not be having that! She swears that she will find out who broke her MARS necklace and seek out revenge. Now the Twins who were so bold to go through Mimi’s luggage and find her MARs necklace are not bold enough to fess up to breaking it. Erica has a problem with that and just wants to be left out of it.


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