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5 Must Have Apps To Survive College Life!

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College life is difficult. Scratch that! College life is downright nightmarish, especially if you’re in graduate school! Luckily, the advent of smart phones led to the invention of applications, or apps. With the right apps, you can not only survive college, but thrive in it! No matter what aspect of your life you’re trying to control, there’s an app for that! Here are five apps that will get you through college with your grades, health and sanity intact and, just maybe, better than they were before.

1. For Organization:

iStudiez Pro – this amazing application allows you to input your entire semester’s schedule of classes, assignments, projects, quizzes and exams. Users can color-code their classes, add icons and set alerts as far ahead, or as close to, pending tasks as desired. The application was specifically designed for college students so ditch that outdated planning app; iStudiez is all you need! Do be warned, however: if you download this app, you’ll have no good excuse for missing your next big project’s deadline!

2. For Writing:

Pages – you might balk at paying close to ten bucks for this app but, in reality, it’s next to nothing for all that it can help you do. Think of this app as Word for your mobile device. Whether you want to type lecture notes, input an entire document or add images to a saved document, you can do it all from this app. Save your files as Pages, Word or PDF and then email it to yourself for downloading or printing. The first time you use Pages, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it sooner.


3. For Talking:

Skype – not only will the Skype app save your cell phone minutes, it will let you contact any computer, land-line or mobile device. If you’re feeling a bit lonesome for home in between cramming sessions, simply fire up your front-facing camera and Skype someone! As the app becomes more popular, people are using it for innovative ways: watching movies together, playing board games miles apart and even putting kids to bed from far away. What will you do with Skype?

4. For Health:

Symptom Navigator – are you unsure whether your symptoms warrant a trip to the student health clinic? Stop wondering and start looking! With a database of close to 300 symptoms and over 1600 conditions and diseases, this app will tell you, almost definitely, if you need to take a trip to the doctor. There is one danger to this app: it may turn users into hypochondriacs! If you think you can look up symptoms without turning your common cold into pneumonia, in your mind, download it today.

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5. For Entertainment:

Angry Birds – if you don’t already have Angry Birds installed on your mobile device, what are you waiting for? Join the millions of people that are happily tossing birds for wasteful hours at a time. Is entertainment essential for college students? You bet it is! Without downtime, your stress levels will skyrocket. What better way to take a five or ten minute break than to kill little green piggies? Just make sure, when you load the game, that you actually limit yourself to a five or ten minute break!

These are only five of the millions of apps available for your mobile device. If you hope to survive college or graduate school, you’ll want to upload these apps pronto! You can waste your time scouring the app store for applications that may or may not be useful or, and we suggest the “or”, you can start with these five and see where they take you.

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