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The Rise and Fall of Payday Loans

Two things are true in the world right now; everyone needs more money and to save more money. It seems with 14 days between paychecks, there is only about 10 days of money and you are hoping and praying there are no emergencies. Most people dread the moment the hot water heater dies, the child’s next field trip, and the car breaking down. If you are in a bind and there just isn’t enough to cover you until the next payday, you might consider one of our short term loans to help you make those ends meet in the middle.
Are you a homeowner with good credit? You might qualify for one of our low interest rate loans that can save you money and help you with those unexpected home owner costs. With a low APR and a healthy credit history, we can design a loan for you that will work with your individual needs and situations. Our loan experts are ready and waiting to help you find the best least expensive loan option for you.
If you have the credit and collateral traditional bank loans are the way to go. They are based on strong credit ratings and your ability to reliably pay back the intended loan plus a reasonable interest rate. Unsecure personal loans work on a fixed interest rate where you pay a set number of repayments on a guaranteed amount. The loan amount and interest rate will not change.
Payday Companys
Payday Companys aim to save you money and tailor you loan experience and prepare you from application to repayment. Our first responsibility to you is to find the best loan, the best interest rate, and the best terms for your needs. While it always seems that the best way is to find the lowest APR and apply but there are catches with this practice. If you apply for the lowest APR at XYZ Company, their credit decision may not place you in the range for that great rate. Therefore the loan rate you actually get is not what you expect and you end up paying much more for the loan than you expected.
If your credit is less than stellar and you still need the funds, we will not turn you away. Loan professionals will help you sort through all your options and find the best interest rate and terms. Our first goal is to help you save money so that the process of finding a loan is quick, painless, and hassle free. Contact us today to meet your friendly, helpful loan specialist that will be with you through the lending process.
Should you find a cheaper loan or change your mind for any reason within the grace period, we will be happy to cancel your loan request and wish you well. Make sure you use a professional companys like Eastside Lenders as they will be trained to look after you.

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