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FotoWare Helps Customers Manage Digital Assets

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If you’re looking for an efficient way to find, process and share files such as JPG, EPS, TIFF; PDF, Illustrator, MP3, Word and PowerPoint documents, look no further than Norway-based FotoWare, a leader in digital asset management.

The company, established in 1994, has built a cost-efficient, easy-to-use digital asset management solution that has already sold several million licenses worldwide—and its latest release has many web publishers buzzing about the possibilities.

FotoWare’s newest release aims to make the lives of web publishers a little easier with its intuitive interface that quickly enhances photos and painlessly publishes them to any content management system (CMS).

Ole Christian Frenning, CEO and founder of FotoWare, says that he understands how cumbersome it can be for web publishers to update their CMS with new photos and to manage large collections as their sites grow.

“We also know that a post with a picture creates 120-180% more attention than a post without one, so using photos must be really easy,” Frenning adds. “The latest version of FotoWeb helps users save significant time by drastically reducing the number of steps required to publish a picture.”

The new offering from FotoWare provides powerful tools that optimize the selection and publishing process, allowing web publishers to focus on the creative process rather than on the technical issues that slow them down.

Even more exciting for some online professionals is the fact that FotoWare’s latest release features a dashboard that makes it easy to manage the photos they use in their social media networks. Those who manage blogs and Facebook pages can now apply Instagram-like effects and frames while still complying with rights management requirements.

Better yet, the module works right out of the box with nearly all current CMS systems on the market.

The Whole Package

The FotoWare Suite includes six revolutionary products.

  • FotoStation is designed for those who work professionally with digital assets—whether they work as freelancers or with a large organization.

  • FotoWeb is designed to handle archives with millions of images, PDFs and other multimedia content. It’s a total solution for online digital assets.

  • Connect is designed to automate the transfer of files across platforms locally and in wider networks.

  • Index Manager focuses on broadening digital media archives and offering quick access, along with high-speed metadata search ability.

  • Color Factory makes file flow tasks a breeze, plus helps with quality control, automatic reproduction and image enhancement, as well as color management, PDF processing and archive management.

  • FotoWare Cameleon offers users better control and saves time by finding the files you need.


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