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Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Co-op Votes No On Israeli Food Ban

Voters at Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Co-op stepped up and sent a clear message about the proposed storewide ban on Israeli-made food products. Members of the shopper-run grocery store voted 1,005–653 against an official vote on the hummus boycott, saying it unfairly singles out people of Israeli decent, and that politics don’t belong in a grocery store.

Hundreds of shop members, from sign-waving demonstrators to breast-feeding moms, joined reporters from Jewish publications and national new outlets in a packed room at Brooklyn Technical High School as grocery store patrons cast ballots on the proposed boycott.

Members intially brought up the boycott, which would have taken products such as Osem couscous and Meditalia basil pesto off the shelves, three years ago in the store newsletter.

This is not the first time the 1,600-member shop has voted to ban products from other countries. The Park Slope Food Co-op banned South African products during apartheid and, more recently, plastic bags.

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