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Greener Living-How to Repair, Recycle And Reuse Your Washing Machine

Most of us recycle our rubbish, and we often give our clothes to charity shops, but when we have washing machine problems, our washing machine often ends up at the tip; even when it’s easy to repair.

So if you want to reduce your impact on the environment, don’t ditch the washer/drier – repair, recycle and reuse your washing machine instead. Here’s how:

Repair you washing machine

If you buy a good quality washing machine and you maintain it well it will last for a good few years. The better you look after your machine the less likely it is that it will need repair.

Whether you place your washing powder or liquid in the drawer or directly into the drum of your washing machine, dirt and debris can still build up in the tray. Make sure you remove it and give it a good soak if you see a build up of detergent sticking to it.

You can avoid limescale damaging your washing machine by treating it with a tablet designed to remove limescale.

You should also wipe the window when you can as dirt here can stop the door seal from working effectively.

If you do need to repair your washing machine it is always worth finding out how much it will cost before replacing your washing machine.

Often the problem can be simple and once it’s fixed, if you clean and maintain on a regular basis your washing machine should have a long life.

Recycle your Washing Machine

Once a washing machine is no longer able to be repaired most people tend to take it to the tip or leave it out for the council and these days most of us would assume that at least part of it would be recycled.

However, not all local authorities recycle white goods so if you want to make sure your machine isn’t going into landfill then check with your council first.

In some areas it’s possible to find a contractor who will pay a small fee for your broken washing machine which is then fully recycled. It’s a great way to ensure you know what’s going to happen to your washer and start paying for a new one!


If you are experiencing Indesit washing machine problems and just want to replace your machine with a new one, you can find lots of ways to reuse your washing machine. If you think the repairs will be minimal but you don’t want to carry them out, you might be able to find someone who will buy it on a free listing website.

Some councils will take white goods that need minor repairs so they can be reconditioned and passed on to families in need.

So if you think it’s time to say goodbye to your washing machine, before you throw it away, stop and think whether you can repair, recycle or reuse your washing machine instead.

These tips are offered by Repair & Protect who can repair anything from faulty dishwashers to Indesit washing machine problems.

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