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4 Simple Ways To Keep Costs Down In The Office

For any business, electricity costs can be a major part of their outgoings – but are you using more power than you need to be? Comparing the service you are receiving with those offered by other suppliers can help you to keep costs low but what else can you do to improve the energy efficiency of your office?

Dark nights

We’ve all seen the office blocks that are lit up like beacons all through the night. All those lights definitely aren’t being used by bankers working late and whilst it might look pretty it’s a massive waste of electricity and money.

Turn off anything that isn’t absolutely essential over night and you’ll notice an immediate drop in your electricity bill. This applies to other appliances, such as computers, as well as lights.

No standby

Monitors, photocopiers, computers – they all have standby functions and it’s tempting to leave them on all day and night. It might be a bit if a pain to start up a monitor in the morning but not as much as shelling out to keep them on.

Standby usage is responsible for up to 10% of all business electricity costs. So you can see how much you could save by enforcing this simple office rule.

All in one

Machines that have multiple uses are better for keeping costs down. A fax machine with combined printer and scanner reduces the need for multiple plugs so look for all-in-one machines.

Scared of ghosts?

A phantom load refers to electricity usage you might not be aware of. This means there are certain machines using power even when you don’t think they are. This is different to standby mode but has a similar solution.

Think about setting computers and other machines to sleep mode after shorter periods. They’ll shut down when not in use and won’t waste as much electricity.

Go to the source

Of course, probably the easiest way to save money on your business electricity bill is to get a better deal. With rates being high and looking like they will continue to grow, the better deal you get the more you can save.

Whilst you might not think you have time to search all the suppliers for the best deal, there are specialist websites that do all the hard work for you. is a dedicated service for finding you a better rate on your utilities and allows you to compare business electricity costs quickly and easily.
Simply input some simple information and they can give you a quote for a better deal from another supplier. This means that in a matter of a few minutes you could save your company a small fortune with minimal effort.

This article is provided by The specialist energy switching site, offer an easy to use comparison tool for those who need to compare business electricity or domestic utilities. Visit their website now for more information on how to save energy and money.

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