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It’s Not Just Car Insurance Anymore!

Insurance agents sell more than just auto coverage, there are at least 15 other types of vehicles that need insuring. Specialized insurance companies write polices for the following, many of which may surprise you, but there is coverage needed for these special items.

Recreational vehicles:

Motorbikes, 4X4’s, motorboats, jet skis and all-terrain vehicles all need to be insured. If you are the sporting type and have many outdoor big boy toys, you know that insurance is important and required. There are companies that have specific insurance for just these vehicles are very affordable. These policies are more affordable than regular auto insurance companies.

Fleet Insurance:

As a business owner or company fleet manager, insuring a large group of cars and trucks can be very expensive. Every employee drives differently and accidents are bound to happen. Having the right insurance is essential and having it be affordable a must.

There will be several different options for you to choose, ranging from age groups to specified drivers. Also discounts or bonuses that are given for not having claims in a certain time frame can helps save money.  It is important to maintain your vehicles to insure safety and drivability so if an accident does happen your insurer won’t dispute the claim.

Horsebox Insurance:

Horsebox or better known as a horse trailer can protect you for liability and loss in case of an accident. It is important to specify that you want the horses included in the policy or they may not be covered otherwise. Coverage for all possible third party injuries is necessary in case a horse kicks someone or causes damage to other property.

The policy needs to have comprehensive, collision and liability coverage.  Anything that is stored in the trailer needs to be written into the policy, such as tact, trophies and any personal property. Uninsured motorist coverage would be a wise investment also.

Taxi Insurance:

Taxi services today are growing and more busy than ever. Today’s economy has made it economically viable for a lot of people to forgo owning a car and using public transportation. This is great for the taxi owners business but now the cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance is on their shoulders.

The important thing is to not over buy on your policy. Some owners get the maximum insurance coverage and are wasting their hard earned money. The trick is to buy just what you need and if an accident happens absorb some of the onetime cost; in the long run you’ll save money.

Modified Car Insurance:

Modifying your car can make your current insurance null and void, because a simple change can affect the safety, performance, and value of your car.  It is important to notify your insurer of any change made to the car.

The change can be cosmetic, alloy wheels, lower the suspension, maybe a body kit or more dramatic as engine and other performance enhancements. There are changes that may be made that are due to life changes, installing a wheelchair lift and special driving controls, needs to be addressed with your insurance agent.

Other Types of Insurance:

Classic car, performance car, import car, and kit car are a few other options available. Whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom car insurance is required. Shopping around and asking questions can get you the exact policy you need at a great price.

Sandy Landsford is an financial consultant and blogger for carinsurance.org.uk, a website offering cheap quotes for car insurance.

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