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Car Accident Lawsuit Options when Insurance Companies Won't Pay

Car Accident Lawsuit Options
Car accidents are difficult to deal with, especially when you believe you have done everything in your power not only to prevent it, but to ensure you receive payment for the vehicle and any other damage that has occurred. However, there are often times where the insurance just doesn’t want to pay and often completely avoids paying. When this happens, it is necessary to go and seek out ways to pay for the damaged vehicle and your health issues, which may have stemmed from the situation.
Car accidents happen all the time, and more often than not the insurance company is willing to pay out what it states in the contract. However, on those few occasions where the company does not pay out for the accident, it is time to take it to trial and file a lawsuit.
Here are a few options for you when the insurance company won’t pay:
File a Suit Against the Insurance Company
When you file a suit against the insurance company it shows you mean business and are not just going to lie down and accept what they say. What the insurance company states is not the end all, be all of judgments. If the company should pay, you need to make sure and hold them responsible. The insurance company is also not going to like the bad publicity and try to either fight off the law suit, or bring up a settlement, as quickly as possible.
Funding these type of situations can get expensive so be prepared to possibly work overtime, sell high-ticket items you don’t use and/or get a car accident settlement loan from a trusted company.
Instead of taking the lawsuit to trial, most insurance companies are going to way to find a different way to correct the situation. This includes them actually settling the case before the trial is set to start. The faster they are able to rid their hands of the case the better, so they are going to try and settle, if they believe they are in the wrong and if they don’t want it to hit the press. Your lawyer is able to look over the situation and determine if this is in the best interest to settle, or if it is a shoe in to be awarded more money, if the offer is rejected and if the case heads to trial.
Sue the Other Driver
Sometimes the insurance company is not going to pay because it states the insurance company of the other driver should pay, if the opposite person is responsible for the damage. If this is the case, your best bet might only be to go after the other driver. Your insurance company might have a point, depending on local state laws, as to who must pay for the damage and health issues. Should this prove accurate, you need to sue the other driver and the other driver’s insurance company for the needed compensation for the damages.
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