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3 Reasons Romance Just Can’t Last

Campuses are a great place for romance.  Sipping coffees as you study together, walking across campus as the winter winds blow, and snuggling at the drive in can be awfully romantic.  As you cuddle up to the love of your life, it might be difficult to imagine a world without them.  Unfortunately, your relationship probably isn’t the sort that is going to last.  Before long your romance will come crashing down.  Of course, if you can accept that before it happens, you can make things go a lot smoother.  At some point, you might want to take a closer look at your relationship, to see if it really is going to survive.

Lifestyle Choices – Everyone needs different things to help them be happy.  Some thrive in a place of chaos, others desperately need order.  Some feel happiest when they are surrounded by massive screen TV’s and video games, others prefer Kayaking down raging rivers.  In college, where people have yet to really settle into the lifestyle that suits them best, their lives will be in constant flux.  That means that it might not bother you now to stay in your boyfriend’s apartment where the dishes are never done and socks line the floor, but it might in a couple of months.  This doesn’t happen all at once though; it’s a process, and there are warning signs.  If there are small things that you find irritating now, you might want to think deeper if it is a trait you can live with, or if it is one that you will grow to hate.

Future Goals – In college, just about everyone is living the same life.  They have classes, part time jobs, family and friends to visit.  Even if you don’t share any classes in common, your life is mostly centered around the same thing – your education. Unfortunately, after college, that will change dramatically.  Once in the career world, people are drawn away to different places, and different kinds of lives.  While many relationships survive the rapid changes, a lot do not.  If the girl you are dating wants to be a brain surgeon, you are either going to have to accept the high-stress demand of her future profession, or you are going to have to end it before the stress starts to drive her, and you, crazy.

Personality Matches – Things change rapidly in college, and that includes your personality.  You will find in the space of only a few years your priorities, loves, and even little quirks shift.  This is a normal part of growing up and learning who you are.  It will be another few years before you really settle into the person that you are going to be, and even you’ll change from time to time.  Unfortunately, that means that a person who brought you excessive joy before, might be someone who drives you crazy a few years down the road.  People are going to change, and you need to be prepared for that.  If you start to notice that you have less and less in common with your love, then it might be time to rethink things.

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