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5 Ways To Become A Citizen In Another Country

Moving to a new country is never easy. In my research I have often found that many countries require several steps of naturalisation and work. However; there are always exceptions to the rule and some countries allow you to become a citizen more easily than others. I personally am an avid traveller and have lived for several years in multiple countries; the rule holds through pretty much everywhere, some countries are more immigrant friendly than others! No matter why you want to move, or if you just want to check out your options, here are 5 ways to become a citizen in another country!

  1. Live Through the Naturalisation Period – The naturalisation period is generally between 2 and 4 years. I’ve found that if you want to live in another country legally for this period, you should have a job and have a staying permit (sometimes known as a visa). Unfortunately I’ve also noticed that getting a citizenship in another country through this method requires that you have a degree to work a high needs job! Sometimes, depending on the country, you might also have to learn the language, learn about the culture and perhaps be able to pass a test in regards to both. However; most countries don’t require this for every country! You can also start your naturalisation period by going to a 4 year college in the country you wish to become a citizen in. This gives you 4 years towards living there and then you can always sign up for a year or two year internship afterwards. In most cases, studying in another country requires that you know the language because most of the courses will be in their language!
  1. Get A Job – Getting a job is an important part of getting a citizenship in another country. If you can prove that you can legally live somewhere while contributing to their society you are likely to easily be granted a citizenship when you apply. Jobs that I’ve noticed you can use to become a citizen in another country include nursing, doctors, or pretty much anything that requires 4 or more years of study. As noted above, studying at a college is a great way to start out because you can always get a job in the country after you finish studying.
  1. Get Married – Getting married is the easiest way to become a citizen in another country. All you have to do is be willing to make a lifelong commitment to a current citizen. While I wouldn’t recommend this step if you aren’t 100% sure you are in love, it’s a great way to become a citizen somewhere if you are moving there for romantic reasons. I’ve noticed that most countries ask that both partners be 21 or older and have proof of relationship for 2 years or more. If you don’t, try waiting the period out, if you can’t do it, you probably don’t want to get married anyway.
  1. Prove That You Were Born There – This is the most difficult form of getting a citizenship in another country. But, if you were born there, even as a citizen of another country, you can usually ask for a citizenship in that country! Even if many years have passed since your birth. While this won’t really give you a lot of options, it can get you a citizenship if you just want to move out of your own country.
  1. Invest – Many countries, especially smaller ones, allow you to move to another country by making an investment. In most cases I’ve noticed this investment can range from $60,000-250,000 in a non-refundable investment such as property or monetary gift, as well as a $10,000 – $50,000 fee for citizenship processing.

Getting a St. Kitts Citizenship is as easy as investing $250,000 or more in property and paying a $35,000 fee for your citizenship. If you want to get a citizenship in another country, paying for your citizenship outright is the fastest way to go!

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