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Parental Rights of Obese Children under Attack

With child obesity plaguing the US, a new debate has been sparked. After the removal of an 8 year, 200lbs boy from his parents, the question of the government’s role in child health cases is being looked at closely. As parents have control over the food their children eat, the activities they participate in and the overall dietary needs of the child, the government is looking at extremely obese children as victims of bad parenting.

The Parental Responsibilities of a Child’s Diet:

One of the main factors of child obesity is in fact parental irresponsibility. What a child eats and how the child spends his day are directly controlled by the parent. By filling the cabinets with junk food, allowing a child to stay inside all day and play video games or watch TV, the parent is directly contributing to the problem.

The child was removed after the state worked with the family for 20 months prior in order to reduce the child’s weight. They stated the child was in imminent danger and the mother neglected to meet with the child’s health needs. At the age of 8 the child should weigh around 60 pounds. This type of morbid obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. The child already suffers from sleep apnea and doctors believe getting him down to 150lbs will improve the condition.

Many are debating on whether the state has the right to pull a child from his home due to obesity. Others argue that the state will take a child who is malnourished and underfed and that the state should also intervene when a child is overfed and extremely obese. As the parent’s control the child’s diet and how much the child eats, it is a form of neglect to allow a child to eat into medical peril.

Currently the state will only consider taking children whose body mass index is beyond the 99th percentile and previous actions to reduce the child’s weight has failed. They feel it is the parents responsibility to assure the child is healthy and not at risk. By supplying the child with food, parents have the ability to monitor their child’s weight and offer a healthy lifestyle.

As many parents agree with the actions taken by the state, others feel they went too far. The fear of the state policing their child’s weight and the fear of their children being taken because they are obese is fueling the debate. However, as a parent, shouldn’t you be at fault for the food you provide your child?

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