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Ergonomic Office Designs Offers User-Friendly Furniture

California-based Ergonomic Office Designs wants to help employees avoid needless injuries in the workplace by offering user-friendly office furniture and accessories.  More than...


Investment Underground Showcases CEOs of Small Businesses

    In the United States, small and medium enterprises account for nearly 95 percent of new jobs in the economy.  However, the...


Buffett’s Company Sues NeighborCity.com in Copyright Dispute

Berkshire Hathaway has filed a lawsuit against NeighborCity.com, a real estate listing portal, despite the fact that the Warren Buffet’s company is a...

Social Media

Talent Agency Scores with Social Media Presence

Small and medium-sized businesses often have mixed results when it comes to social media.  However, that reflects many entrepreneurs’ misunderstanding of what a...


Responsibilities and Duties Every Director Should Adhere To

Running a successful business is hard work. It is not just about the work that your employees do; as a director, you will...

BusinessMarketing / Branding

Outdoor Advertising Can Give Your Business The Edge Over Competitors

Competition in business is fierce these days, and the marketing approach needs to be just as aggressive to keep up. It’s a struggle...