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What Are IT Managed Services and When Does Your Business Need One?

 IT Managed Services

There are many IT terms used in the industry and it can often be confusing. The phrase “IT Managed Services” covers all outsourcing of computers, networks, servers and hosting to a third party.  This third party is then responsible for your server, if it were to go down or needs to be backed up.
There are many companies offering IT Managed services.  The different products within the service agreement are chosen by you and your company.  The more products you select, the more expensive it is.  Here are some products of IT Managed Services.


Outsourcing your hosting to a third party is one of the most common parts of IT managed services. It is also one of the cheapest managed services which many individuals use for their personal websites.  For those who want help building their own website, companies can also hire out a website designer/ developer as well as someone to maintain the website.


A third party can provide back up services for all client devices, desktops, notebooks, mobiles, networks and applications. There are different prices depending on the type of package. As a business grows it can be easy to fall behind with backups and patches which can have negative impact on the business if there is an power shortage or an IT outage.


Many large multinational businesses outsource their entire IT department.  However, others use third parties to provide all the hardware for their business, which includes pcs, macs and webservices.  By outsourcing the hardware, the organisation can focus solely on running its business without the need to worry about upgrading or replacing its equipment.


An external party,  can also manage companies’ networks which are either LAN or WAN.  LAN stands for local area network which is in a house, school or university. WAN short for wider area network, exists across many buildings in different countries and continents.


Your business will need an IT managed services provider if they want to have a far more cost effective IT solution.  It can be very expensive to hire IT support staff as your business grows and develops. It can also take a lot of time away from the core needs of the business.  Managed services gives you the flexibility you need when running a company, allowing you to outsource some of the more specific IT operations to a reliable provider.

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