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6 Techniques That Can Be Used In Your Blog Entry

You’re done with the technical aspect of starting a blog. Now, the continuous work of writing blog entries has begun.Others consider creating a blog as simple as ABC but not everyone can easily start with it. Sometimes, a blog post takes a few days to complete.

A lot of study needs to be done so as to be able to complete and deliver the blog to its readers. It is a given fact that first time bloggers will somewhat struggle to begin with their blog post. Below are techniques that can be used in your blog entry.

1. Inquire on things that can be of help to you. Example: “Where do you plan to go for an outdoor activity?”

We can create a topic in order to have a chat with someone by asking questions. This tip can definitely be of help because it is like having a conversation with your readers. Asking a question engages your reader in a silent discourse.Rhetorical questions could also work. You might now be thinking of answers from my queries stated above.

2. Talk About Your Previous Experience.Example: “I couldn’t forget when…”.

This is the modern version of a storytelling classic line that goes: ”Once upon a time–‘. This kind of blog opening is equivalent to asking your reader to take a ride with you – to memory lane, even just for a short while. Let your readers feel the excitement as they read the rest of your blog .

3. Give accurate information. Example: “Approximately 69% of solar radiation is absorbed by our atmosphere.”.

Readers love to see information based on statistics. Then we should give accurate data to entice readers in our blog. We can also be realistic by sharing things that we have just accomplished like “I was able to sell 10 pieces of bracelets this morning”. A blogger who gives a realistic data will create an interest for readers to evaluate your idea from the others. We can simply apply that in the beginning of our blog post because we can easily access the information that we need.

4. Start your blog by giving an excerpt .Example: “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work -Thomas Edison”.

A passage from a prominent person, giving it a nice approach, is a good blog entry. The quote can express various meaning to others. Readers can see the kind of person you are in giving out passages that are close to your heart. Make sure the source is cited so your readers can dig a little deeper if they wish to.

5. A continuity is a good blog entry. Example: “Based on my most recent blog post…”.

Follow-ups from previous blog posts creates continuity to your entries. Readers would be able to catch up with your writing by summarizing your past work into a sentence or two. It also provides new visitors with a reference to your archived articles. This technique can also be used on recent situations and updates, like : “Lately, I’ve been into knitting.”.

6. Be Spontaneous.

When all else fails, just stick to your instincts and start writing. Try not to overthink things because you might lose your train of thought. Feel free to use your own words in expressing your thoughts. Never hesitate to show your writing skills because this might bring you to fame.

Others may find it difficult to begin their blog. We hope to help you with these techniques in publishing your next blog entry.

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