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Brighten Up Your Future under Guidance of Elders

What an Irony! Earlier parents use to live in their own houses and now their children live the houses built by their parents and parents live in old age homes. Old age homes are the shelter given to the elderly people by certain communities created in this society. It gives them a chance to live their lives on their own terms and with dignity. It bestows them a lovely caring atmosphere to live in where they get all kind of facilities and are able to live peacefully without any tensions. It is more of a homely atmosphere in such old age homes than a place where u live because of those kids who don’t care for you anymore.

During my research, I came across many old age homes like Sukhdham, Sunrise Nursing Homes etc. These homes or retirement homes provide you all the facilities which are required for living your life peacefully and sometimes lavishly also we may say. There are multiple apartments made for a couple or single person living away of his own home and for providing these facilities they are paid in terms of rental basis mostly.

There is a dedicated team of skilled professionals working in different departments of such old age homes. There is a specialized cook, nurses, cleaners, laundry people and many more.  It is more of a homely atmosphere than an old age home feel.

However, following things should be kept in mind while establishing an old age home for elderly people:

  • There should be amazing nursing and medical facilities bestowed in such old age homes as elderly people are like kids and get weak with their growing age and need all kind of nursing facilities.
  • There should a team of experts in every department be it laundry or cooking.
  • Proper cleaning facilities should be provided to elderly people and it should be kept in mind from hygienic point of view.
  • Light and healthy food should be provided to elderly people as per their requirements, as light food maintain their stomach easily, as it has been mentioned above that they are like kids and fall sick very easily.
  • They should be blessed with care and love in such old age homes.
  • There should be a worship place for all where they can worship their respective lords in their own way as mostly elderly people join themselves with God in this age.
  • Activities should keep on taking place as it refreshes their mood and refreshes them from the same boring schedule.
  • Small parties should be organized for them sometimes on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Hence, all the above points are the need of all elderly people and they should be loved like kids. Their worries should be taken care of and if they are sad or upset then there should be a proper discussion sessions so that they could discuss their problem and get rid of them easily.

Therefore, elderly people are special as if they are not the future of your nation then they are experienced individuals of your nation and can guide you to make your future. Respect them and brighten up your future!

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