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Benefits of Humic Acid

Top 3 Benefits of Humic Acid Sourced From Leonardite

Did you know leonardite humic acids are enhancing agricultural and supplement businesses? Explore the benefits of humic acid derived from leonardite deposits.


How To Make Gym Class Fun for Elementary Students

It’s no secret that getting kids excited about physical education can be a challenge. Teachers have their work cut out for them, trying...


4 Benefits of Playing Mini Golf as an Adult

In the hectic world of grown-up life, finding fun and engaging activities to help you relax and connect with friends and family is...

Saint-Johns Wort

 The Power of Saint-Johns Wort

The Power of Saint-Johns Wort Please note that the following SJW tips are not medical advice.  Ask your doctor before using herbs like...


MRI and Prolab Celebrate Women’s Health Week

This week, MRI Performance and Prolab are celebrating National Women’s Health Week, which runs from May 12 – 18.  The U.S. Department of...


Research: Women open to web-based counseling

An April study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research  shows that patients – most of whom are armed with smartphones and tablets...


Study: Users prefer online access to medical records

On Tuesday, Case Western Reserve University published a new study which found that new mothers suffering from postpartum depression are open to receiving...

female sexual dysfunction

The Causes and Treatments of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Many things can keep women from enjoying sexual activities. They include diminished or lost sexual desire; the inability to become sexually aroused; difficulty...


Natural Methods for Female Sexual Enhancement

A study performed by the University of Chicago has found that 43 percent of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction with...