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 The Power of Saint-Johns Wort

Saint-Johns Wort

The Power of Saint-Johns Wort

Please note that the following SJW tips are not medical advice.  Ask your doctor before using herbs like Saint-Johns wort as medicine.

Saint-Johns Wort; An Unsuspecting Herb

Saint-Johns wort (also known as SJW ) is an unsuspecting plant.  One might even call it a weed!  With its spindly stems and tiny yellow flowers, what could it possibly have to offer?

Saint-Johns wort is a perennial, which means that it lives more than two years.  Even in the coldest of states, SJW tends to come back in the spring.

Saint-Johns Wort Uses

This plant has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks!  So let’s look at its uses.

It was used in the past as a poultice, for lung problems, and for sleeplessness. But today, we tend to use it to regulate moods.  Saint-Johns Wort has been proven to be more effective than placebos, in various mood studies.  It can be used to ease anxiety and depression.  While it isn’t approved by the FDA for such ailments, it is often prescribed in countries in Western Europe, like Germany, in place of pills.

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SJW can be taken in many ways; as a tincture oil, a tea, or as an herbal supplement cap.   The options are near-endless!

Potential Side Effects of SJW

What an odd little plant this is- It can make you sensitive to the sun if you take it in high doses!  If this starts to happen, either get out your sun hat or take less.  Other unwanted side effects this herb may cause are dizziness, headache, and insomnia.

And, if you take other medicines, Saint-Johns wort might not be of best interest to you.  It can render important medications, like blood thinners birth control, useless!

Not everyone experiences side effects from Saint John’s Wort though; many people use it and only experience its benefits! Ask your doctor about this herb especially before beginning treatment.

Growing it  Vs. Buying it

Saint-Johns wort isn’t the easiest herb to grow.  It’s slow and needs the perfect amount of medium sunlight.  When you give it too much sun, the leaves will scorch.  When you give it too little, and it won’t flourish either.  In addition to this, it needs frequent transplanting and fertile soil. The seeds can even take months before you see sprouts! So why grow SJW instead of buying it?

Well.  You might not be actually getting potent herbs when it comes to essential oils if you buy them from the store.  Who knows how long they’ve sat around in plastic bottles!  Pro tip: Use glass bottles to store your herbs.  They last longer, and remain more fragrant.

In addition, you don’t actually know that what is inside is really SJW.  That’s right.  Herbal supplements aren’t monitored very well, to begin with.  There aren’t really any rules that prevent companies from adding say, 50% grass clippings to your Saint-Johns Wort mix. Yummy.  In short, if you’re buying SJW from a company, be sure to do your research first.


I hope these tips on this herb are helpful to you.  If you’re looking for more content like this, be sure to visit GGG again, or check out Happy Healthy Hub!

The Power of Saint-Johns Wort
Article Name
The Power of Saint-Johns Wort
Here we take a look at the many benefits of the plant called Saint-Johns wort, or SJW for short

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