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Meal Delivery Boxes

Meal delivery box

Meal Delivery Boxes
I just recently tried one of those meal delivery boxes, all from a friend!  She was going out of town and had a few meals in her fridge waiting to be made, so she gave them to me (yes, she is a great friend!).  Can I just say how easy and delicious these were??  The meal delivery kit that she had was through Gobble.  Lean and clean meal kits, which makes it that much better!

Video Overview:

For those of you who do not know what a meal delivery kit is, it is basically prepped and gathered food and sauces delivered to your doorstep that all you have to do is cook!  They have done all the research of what to cook and how to make it, you just open it up and cook it. You can customize your boxes based on your dietary needs, if you are trying to lose weight, or if you are vegan, etc.

What’s in the box?

I had so much fun taking everything out of the little baggies or jars and following the directions to create a fantastic meal for my husband and me.  I actually felt like a chef even though they basically prepared everything for you.I did have to chop a few things and have a few different pots going for one of the meals, all easy peasy though.
The first one I made was barramundi fish with a peppercorn sauce, a garlic butter cauliflower mash, and Haricots Verts with shallots and garlic. fishThis the finished product of that.  My mouth is salivating looking at it again!  The total time cooking all of this was about 15 minutes.

The second one I tried was sirloin steak with summer squash in a chipotle pesto sauce.  This is the cooking process (because duh…wine!) and the finished product. Talk about flavorful! And again only 15 minutes and that one was 1 pan!Meal delivery box
I have 2 others to make today and tomorrow and seriously contemplating getting a subscription.  There are so many to choose from so of course, I will do my research, but from what I have tasted so far, Gobble is delicious and an easy meal delivery kit!   

Cheers to making dinner!


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