Micro-Schools during COVID-19

An Introduction to Micro-Schools during COVID-19

Parents across the nation are facing a troubling dilemma when it comes to the back to school season. With school closures still fresh on their mind, they want to do what is best for their child. To send or not to send, that is the question. There are many factors to consider. Can you stay home with your child? If your child is home without you, are their educational needs being met through the school’s online learning? How do you tend to their social needs while keeping them safe? Micro-Schools, a growing trend, aims to change the educational landscape for all children.

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As the name suggests, Micro-Schools are schools with a smaller setting where students may meet face to face, online, or a blend of the two. Similar to a traditional school, they have a mission, desired learning outcomes, and a curriculum. Students will interact with each other and engage in collaboration. Though its name implies it is small, the impact it has on a child is large.

Educational Needs

Micro-Schools offer a unique opportunity for students to engage in their learning. Though there is no definitive cookie-cutter model for this type of schooling, they tend to share many qualities:

  • engaging curriculum
  • interest-based learning
  • teachers facilitate the learning
  • student ownership of learning
  • easily adapted learning

These schools educate the whole child in their learning. Due to its small size and ability to be more adaptive to each child, any gaps caused by school closures can be closed as the child becomes ready for that learning whether it be social or educational.


Authentic Learning

The goal in these micro-schools is to create a climate and culture for lifelong learning. You won’t find your child doing hours of workbooks with a spelling test on Friday. You’re more likely to see them engaging in research and drafting a letter as they try to find a solution to a local issue. You may also find them calculating the volume of dirt needed to fill a window-planter they’ve constructed and weighing the pros and cons of one fertilizer over another. This authentic learning will not only lead to college and career readiness but success as an informed and capable adult.

Ready to take the plunge? Click here to find a school near you!


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